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Remodeling, new build, or just add the finishing touch to your rooms.

Curate Studio has certified, professional designers to guide you every step of the way.

* Your space will be both functional and beautiful

* We excel in matching design with personality

* Add high impact with paint & bold fabrics

* Modern touches while focusing on sustainability

Furnishing Your Dreams

We’ve got everything to help you create a living room that’s ready for entertaining.

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Specially Articulated Design Services We Can Provide For You

• Identify the Key Requirements

New build or remodel? What are your main design goals? Refresh or overhaul?

• Create Concept Designs

What is your design style? What feelings are you trying to emulate in your space?

• Implementation Phase

Curate and approve new layout and furniture, install new items, and add finishing touches.

• Evaluate Completed Design

We make sure you’re satisfied with the final design.

• Work With What You Own

Not interested in a complete redesign? We can take what you own and create a fresh, new space with a few minor changes and rearrangements.

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